Civic Stewardship
Civic Stewardship cultivates the capacity of communities to care for their members, citywide and beyond. It promotes participative learning, innovation, and collaboration among residents and organizations for the collective wellbeing of all civic stakeholders.

The Civic Stewardship Initiative (CSI) involves diverse civic players who steward action-learning efforts to adapt community practices as well as institutional programs and policies for the greater good. Participants apply a synergistic set of tools, methods, and structures; at neighborhood, city, and inter-city levels.

We are now leading an action-learning lab in Boston to show how civic stewardship can achieve breakthrough results at the neighborhood level, while building capacity to scale successes in communities citywide.

Civic Stewardship Initiative / Boston - Overview

CSI slide presentation

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The Civic Stewardship Initiative provides consulting and action-research services to civic groups and to public, private, and non-profit organizations for community-led efforts that increase collective wellbeing in cities and regions.
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